14e cosmetics Aloe Nourish Foundation

14e cosmetics hails from sunny San Diego, California and is headed by professional makeup artist Emma Fortini. Their range currently has two products, the Aloe Nourish Sheer Tint and the Aloe Nourish Foundation which are both, as the name would suggest, aloe vera based. Today I will be reviewing the Aloe Nourish Foundation. Everyone should…

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Super Seed Serum from Pollen Botanicals

I always get a warm, fuzzy feeling when I buy not only an Australian product, but one that has been hand made. Enter Pollen Botanicals, a small-batch company located in the beautiful spa town of Daylesford, Victoria and headed by Joanne McCombe who is a holistic day spa therapist. Pollen Botanicals are best known for their Honey &…

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Cheating the glow

When I open the 3rd bottle of any product, I know that it’s something worth sharing. If you are a fan of the dewy look, then read on to see how you can add a little bit of glow into your makeup routine while helping your skin at the same time. I continue to be impressed by the innovation coming out…

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Welcome to Fluke

Hello and welcome to Fluke! My name is Sanida, pleased to meet you. I have started Fluke with a vision to share with you my discoveries in the exciting world of independent and niche beauty brands. I want my blog to help you navigate the sometimes overwhelming beauty universe and to introduce you to some products and…

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fluke / fluːk / noun
an unlikely chance occurrence, especially a surprising piece of luck.