Hello and welcome to FLUKE, my name is Sanida.

What is a fluke?

It is an accidental stroke of luck, a stumble upon something wonderful and surprising.

FLUKE covers skincare and makeup products by independent and niche beauty brands, from Australia and beyond. I search far and wide to bring you honest reviews and features from brands that you may not have heard of.

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FLUKE has been in the making for a long time. My love for all things beauty started about 13 years ago when I became interested in skincare and makeup and read about it religiously on forums, blogs and in magazines. A few years ago, I dabbled in skincare production and started concocting my own products in the kitchen, melting and stirring to create body butters, serums and creams. When I noticed that more and more people were asking me for recommendations and skincare advice, I thought it was time to share my voice.

I live in sunny Perth, Australia with my lovely husband and two cute kids. I’m an interior designer by day but I also enjoy graphic design and all of the graphics you see on my blog and Instagram page are produced by me.

For me, the ritual of putting makeup on, cleansing at the end of the day or using a mask are all forms of self care and I think everyone deserves a daily dose of nurturing. I hope that FLUKE inspires you to do the same and gives you the tools to curate your own lineup of skincare and makeup products.

Join me on my journey of discovery.  I’d love to hear from you.