My love for Skin Juice is well known and if you have been around from the start you will be familiar with their iconic Smudge Budge cleansing balm. I still think it’s still the best cleansing balm I’ve tried. Recently I had the chance to test out the Pigmentation Blur serum from their sister brand, Serum Factory. This product was gifted to me by the brand.

Pigmentation Blur is a 20ml serum packaged in a glass bottle, designed to be used twice a day on freshly cleansed skin. I used it in conjunction with regular use of their Facial In A Jar for a period of 6 weeks. Let’s address the packaging first, isn’t it cute? They have some other serums in the Serum Factory range and each has a different colour and outer packaging to suit. They’re a dream and so different to the black and white minimalist designs flooding the beauty market.

Skin Juice Review

Pigmentation Blur contains five key actives that have trademarked names which can be a bit confusing unless you go down the rabbit hole of Google search and find out a bit more about them. Never fear, I have done that for you so here are the 5 catchy-sounding active ingredients and their benefits.

AXOLIGHT – Axolight is a natural ingredient sourced from wheat bran. It inhibits melanin production, also known as melanogenesis. Melanin is the pigment that gives skin its colour.

BRIGHTENYL – Brightenyl claims to also inhibit melanogenesis and brighten the skin. The Givaudan website claims that the ingredient is four times more potent than vitamin C, reducing pigmentation spots and also reducing inflammation.

UNILUCENT PA-13 – Unilucent is claims to increase skin brightness after 30 days whilst removing age spots in only two weeks.

WAKAMINE XP – Derived from Wakame seaweed, this ingredient claims to lighten the skin by inhibiting melanogenesis.

FUCO CERT – Fucocert can improve the feel of formulations, making them soft and smooth to the touch. It also has a delayed moisturising effect, increasing hydration by 44% one hour after application.

Amongst these ingredients there is also lactic acid, papaya ferment, mandarin oil, clementine oil and sweet orange oil. These particular citrus extracts are not known to cause photo-toxicity.

Serum factory review
Pigmentation Blur featured alongside the Skin Juice Vanilla & Honey Mask and Superfood Face Oil

As mentioned I used the Pigmentation Blur alongside the Skin Juice Facial In A Jar mask which is lactic, mandelic and malic acid to resurface the skin. I thought the two products would pair well. Overall I did find that my skin looked brighter and more even in tone, however the larger sunspots on my face did not fade noticeably. Pigmentation is a really tricky thing to target so I, by no means, expected a miracle. I especially understand the complexities after viewing the obscene amount of pigmentation under the Skin Scope. I will never look at my face the same again!

Skin Juice Facial in a jar

I’m thinking that I perhaps need something a little stronger to target the more stubborn pigmentation on my face, but for overall brightening benefits I think the Pigmentation Blur has done a great job. What do you think? Have you tried this product? Let me know in the comments below or email me and connect with me on Instagram. To listen to the latest Fluke podcast, please visit iTunes.

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