Strolling through the aisles of David Jones, I have always paused at the Equal Beauty shelf. Something really set the brand apart from the rest, and in an intensely saturated beauty section that really says a lot. You can imagine my excitement when Jessica Gomes contacted me to see if I would be interested in trying her brand. I live for the minimalist skincare vibes so I had an inkling that we would be well paired. She very generously gifted me the whole range to test and play with and I’m finally ready to report back.

Equal Beauty review

Jessica Gomes was raised in our fair city of Perth and at 35, she has some impressive achievements against her name. She has had a stellar modelling career including a David Jones ambassadorship, advertising with some seriously big brands and several Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue appearances. Adding to the list of talents, Jessica is also an actress and of course, entrepreneur and founder of her own skincare line Equal Beauty which launched in 2017.

Jessica has Portuguese-Singaporean heritage and wanted to create a brand that spoke to all races, genders and skin types. She set out to design a minimalist, fragrance free range fusing actives from Australia with the skincare innovation and technology she discovered in Korea, where she is hugely popular. The range is centred around protection and hydration, and I definitely get a sense that Jessica was also inspired by the immense amount of travelling she does for work. Spoiler alert: these are perfect travel companions.

“I was passionate about creating a skincare line for everyone – male, female, different races, all skin types as I believe everyone should feel beautiful.” – Jessica Gomes, founder

Equal Beauty jessica gomes

There are five products in the range which are all beautifully packaged and presented. Starting with the outer packaging, it is tactile, textural and timeless. It looks and feels luxurious while being down to earth and humble, much like the impression that Jessica gives off (if you already follow her on Instagram, you will know what I mean). I’m really impressed with the care that has been taken with the product and packaging design. There is a lovely ritual to it all and adds to the overall brand experience.

Equal Beauty Cleansing Cloth

Equal Beauty Cleansing Cloth contains 30 pre-soaked cloth pads for removing makeup and refreshing the skin. The solution contains a heap of amino acids which are building blocks for peptides and proteins, and really important for overall skin health. The cloths themselves are textured so they offer a bit of physical exfoliation too which is always welcome if you’re dealing with dry or dehydrated skin like me. The instructions say that rinsing is not required, but if I’m at home or near a basin I will definitely rinse and do a second cleanse as that is just my personal preference. As it’s fragrance free it means it’s also eye-friendly and does a really amazing job at removing makeup. It may look small but it’s mighty!

Equal Beauty cleansing cloth
Equal Beauty Cleansing Cloth

Moisture Eye Veil

I had a Skin Scope analysis the other day which revealed a huge amount of dehydration under my eyes so I am very thankful that I can reach for the Equal Beauty Moisture Eye Veil when I need an extra boost. The box comes with 5 eye masks that, much like the Cleansing Cloth, are packed with amino acids as well as peptides which can reduce the appearance of fine lines. I can definitely attest to the fact that immediately after use I notice that my eyes are less puffy, more plump and moisturised. The anti-puff properties are thanks to Quinoa Seed Extract. I love keeping these in the fridge and I have been reaching for them more often as we get closer to the silly season with parties and tired eyes both beginning to take over my calendar.

Equal Beauty moisture eye veil review
Equal Beauty Moisture Eye Veil and Moisture Veil

Equal Beauty Moisture Veil

Equal Beauty Moisture Veil is the full face counterpart to the eye veil and it is the first mask I’ve tried that has ear hooks! I was so excited. Masks can sometimes slide down my face but this one was not slimy or drippy, plus the additional security of being able to tuck it behind my ears brought me a lot of joy. This mask contains a seaweed extract called Carrageen which helps to lock in water whilst amino acids and lipids (phospholipids and sphingolipids) help to prevent trans-epidermal water loss. I really love this mask because it gives my skin an instant hit of hydration without making a mess or sliding down my face.

Equal Beauty moisture eye veil

Equal Beauty Super Mist

Equal Beauty Super Mist has been living on my bathroom benchtop since I received it and I have been testing it in a few different ways. I either spray it on before my serums, layer it between each skincare step or use it to refresh my makeup. Whichever way I choose to use it, it works a treat to hydrate and freshen up my skin. The packaging dispenses the mist evenly and gently which believe it or not can be a deal breaker for me. Nobody wants to feel like they’re being sprayed with a hose! Another feature of the mist is that it contains ingredients which can protect against environmental pollution.

Equal beauty Super Mist review
Equal Beauty Super Mist

Equal Beauty Super Serum

Last but not least is the Equal Beauty Super Serum and you all know I love me a good hydrating serum. Super Serum contains hyaluronic acid and 3-Glyceryl Ascorbate (which is a vitamin C and glyceryl bound ingredient) for brightening and hydrating at the same time. Alongside these classic ingredients there is Portulaca Oleracea Extract which is new to me, but according to my research is a potent antioxidant which has Vitamin A, C and E compounds. I could go on about the ingredients but I want to let you know about the texture and feel of the formula. It’s a very light gel, and I take about 4 pumps to apply to my face and neck. My skin drinks it up like crazy, so sometimes I apply more. I love that despite being a gel, it doesn’t pill or ball up under my makeup. Top points for that.

Equal Beauty Super Serum
Equal Beauty Super Serum

Honestly, I was really impressed by Equal Beauty, not only for the beautiful product presentation but the ethos, mission and focus on a specific set of ingredients. I love that Jessica decided to really hone in on their key benefits and let them shine in the formulations, which themselves are unique and definitely not comparable to any I have come across before. I certainly haven’t used products that have focused this strongly on amino acids, so to me it has been a really exciting discovery. Writing this has made me want to put on a the Moisture Veil mask so please excuse me while I go and pamper and hydrate my skin.

Equal beauty jessica gomes review

As mentioned the products were generously gifted to me, but my reviews are always honest and true to my experience. Equal Beauty is available at David Jones or directly from the website. Have you seen Equal Beauty around or have you tried any of the products? Let me know in the comments below or email me and connect with me on Instagram. To listen to the latest Fluke podcast, please visit iTunes.

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