I have done quite a few sunscreen blog posts in the past (see here) and that isn’t about to stop. Sunscreen is the most important product for your skin. It not only slows down the skin’s ageing process by protecting it from UVA and UVB rays but it is proven to reduce the risk of skin cancer. This is all well and good but if you can’t find a sunscreen that you like, then it can be a bit tricky to be consistent and motivated to apply it. Yes, even the prospect of cancer is not enough to motivate people – I know right? Crazy.

At the moment I really love the We Are Feel Good Inc Sensitive sunscreen for my body and the Ultra Violette Supreme Screen for my face. Both of these are chemical sunscreens so I thought I’d try a physical blocker and let you know my thoughts. Have I finally found a physical blocker that isn’t greasy, thick and one I can confidently recommend? Read on to find out.

Salt & Stone are a Californian brand but their sunscreens are made in Australia and comply to our stringent sunscreen standards. Their range includes sunscreen lotions and sticks, deodorants and a facial oil. It’s a tight edit of essential sun and post sun care products developed by a former professional snowboarder, Nima Jalali who knows a thing or two about protecting the skin from external elements having spent most of his time in extreme conditions training and competing.

Salt & Stone SPF 50 Sunscreen Lotion

Salt & Stone SPF 50 sunscreen lotion is a physical sunscreen containing non-nano Zinc Oxide as the active ingredient. It has a grey tint to it, a light vanilla fragrance and a non-greasy post application feel. It dries quickly and leaves no white cast which is a pleasant change from some physical sunscreens I have tried in the past. It feels very comfortable to wear because it’s not sticky, so if you are a beach goer and hate the feeling of sand sticking to your legs then this might be worth a shot.

Salt & Stone SPF 50 Sunscreen Lotion swatch

I have noticed that when I wear black clothing it does tend to leave a bit of a mark and it’s because of all the zinc. That stuff is hard to get off. Aside from that I can’t really fault it. My son who can be a little sensitive to textures really likes this and for the first time in his life doesn’t flinch when I’m applying it to his skin. It’s a really great formula and I’m definitely going to be restocking when I run out.

Salt & Stone Face Stick SPF 50

I have also had the opportunity to try the Salt & Stone Face Stick SPF 50 which has a tint and comes in a handy wind up tube. I think I may have got one from a bad batch because it is very grainy and the grains don’t disappear when I rub the product in. I like the finish (aside from the grains) and the tint, but unfortunately it just hasn’t worked out because of this odd texture. From the other reviews I’ve read online this isn’t a common problem so I think I just got unlucky.

Salt & Stone Face Stick SPF 50 swatch

Overall I’m really happy to be able to recommend the SPF 50 lotion to you. It has a unique texture and is enjoyable to use! Let me know if you try it and what you think of it. I bought mine from The Beauty Edit. Say hi in the comments below or email me and connect with me on Instagram. To listen to the latest Fluke podcast, please visit iTunes.

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