Welcome to Part 2 of my Ultra Violette sunscreen review. In Part 1, I reviewed the Queen Screen Lightweight SPF50+ Serum  Sunscreen and the Sheen Screen SPF30 Hydrating Lip Balm. In this post I will be giving you a quick update on these and also review their other offerings. If you haven’t read Part 1 or just need a refresher you can pause and click here to catch up.

Ultraviolette sunscreen pouch

So a few updates first and reflections on Queen Screen. Did I repurchase it? Yes. I really like the finish and the glow it provides so I wanted to always have it in my sunscreen stash. When I got towards the end of the bottle it was impossible to get all of the product out with the pipette so I had to shake it out and it was getting a bit messy. The whole pipette thing has always been a little bit fussy for me which is why Queen Screen is not really my everyday sunscreen pick. More for when I want that extra glow or I’m going makeup free.

Ultraviolette sunscreens
the girls

The Sheen Screen Lip Balm is one I don’t use often enough. I took it to Japan with me (in winter) and it froze solid while I was on the ski slopes. I wasn’t able to squeeze any out as the consistency is so thick. These are extreme conditions though so I can’t falter it too much. This lip balm now lives in my handbag so that I can be more vigilant about applying sunscreen to my lips too. I still really enjoy the finish and the hint of colour. I have the shade Nude.

Now onto my most recent purchases from Ultra Violette. First up is the Supreme Screen SPF50+ Hydrating Facial Skinscreen which, spoiler alert, is my favourite from their whole. Not only does it provide a high sun protection factor it, it also hydrates and makes my skin glow, prepping it for makeup like a pro. It doesn’t ball up or make my foundation or CC cream move around and it doesn’t feel too heavy either – even though I do apply 5 to 6 pumps (yes that’s how much you should apply to your face, neck and ears). Supreme Screen, like the Queen Screen, is a chemical sunscreen but it is reef friendly and formulated to stringent Australia standards.

Ultraviolette supreme clean screen

If you have oily skin, reactive or skin that is sensitive to chemical sunscreens, then Clean Screen SPF30 Mattifying Mineral Skinscreen is your bet. My skin is not problematic but I still enjoy this mattifying formula especially on warmer days or if I feel like dialling down the glow. It is a zinc based formula which irritated skin will love as it naturally calms and soothes any inflamed areas. For a mineral sunscreen, Ultra Violette have really managed to make the formula and texture top class. You are not getting an inferior product here just because you choose a mineral sunscreen and compared to other mineral ones I’ve tried, it is way ahead of the pack. The finish isn’t too mattifying either nor does it leave your skin feeling dry. It’s just right.

Ultraviolette swatches
The Ultra Violette Sunscreens: top left: Clean Screen, bottom left: Supreme Screen, right: Queen Screen

Can you tell I really love this brand? How could you not. They’re made in Australia, do a heck of a lot for promoting sun safety and the packaging is ridiculously cute. Like I said in Part 1, they’re making sunscreen sexy.

Please do let me know if you have tried any of the Ultra Violette range and what you thought of it. I always love hearing about your experiences. Let me know in the comments below or email me and connect with me on Instagram. To listen to the latest Fluke podcast, please visit iTunes.

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