In the past, I have reviewed The Divine Company on my blog and Instagram and I have been really impressed with the brand’s quality and ethos. My first taste was with the Ultra Perfecting Mask followed by the Lactic Gel Cleanser and neither of them disappointed me. When The Divine Company asked if I wanted to try out some more of their products I was pretty excited! I don’t see many people talking about them so I wanted to dig deeper and give you some insight on this Australian organic skincare brand.

The Divine woman company skincare
My The Divine Woman collection

The Divine Company hails from NSW, Australia and it was founded by Miranda Kerr’s mother Therese Kerr. I first spotted their beautiful, minimalist products at David Jones and the rest, as they say, is history. I have some thoughts to share on six of their products (4 of which were gifted) and I’ll run through them in order of use to make things easy.

The divine woman company cleanser
The Divine Woman cleansers – Hydrating Cream Cleanser (L) and Lactic Gel Cleanser (R)

The range offers two cleansers, the Lactic Gel Cleanser and Hydrating Cream Cleanser. The gel cleanser is a very clarifying and exfoliating jelly concoction that is perfect for congested skin or those with oily and combination complexions. It is pretty potent, containing lactic acid, liquorice extract, witch hazel and bearberry extract all known to fight redness, inflammation, acne and provide resurfacing benefits. My favourite thing about this cleanser is that it can also be left on as a mask. I love me a multi-tasker. On the other end of the spectrum is the Hydrating Cream Cleanser which is a beautifully creamy, gentle and moisturising formula. It also contains witch hazel, but is paired with oils such as avocado which is a fast absorbing and immensely nourishing ingredient for dry skin. I use both cleansers for a second or morning cleanse, depending on what my skin needs and I can’t fault either.

The Divine woman company 1

Next up is the Exfoliating Cream which I was really nervous about because I have tried exfoliators that have been just too harsh for my skin. Sometimes the particle size is too big and it ends up causing more damage than its worth. I am pleased to say that the granules in this exfoliator are tiny and as a result it gives an effective microdermabrasion effect without tearing my skin apart. Rice and bamboo particles are responsible for removing dead skin cells and I really like that they are contained within a lovely, rich creamy base. The Divine Company recommends mixing it with a cleanser for those who have very sensitive skin. There is also some Vitamin C in the formula which helps with brightening and pigmentation and of course you can leave it on as a mask as well, for added benefits.

The Divine Woman company mask exfoliating
The Divine Woman Exfoliating Cream and Ultra Perfecting Mask

I prefer to exfoliate, wash off and follow up with the Ultra Perfecting Mask. I have spoken about the mask on the blog before (link to post here) but I will touch on it briefly again. It’s thick and creamy and contains cacao butter, hyaluronic acid, bentonite clay, vitamin E and other wonderful goodies that feel uber nourishing. My skin feels bouncy and soft afterwards and I must say it’s one of my favourites from the range. I like to apply a good thick layer and leave it on for as long as possible, sometimes even overnight. Definitely a must-try!

The Divine woman company swatch
The Divine Woman Miracle Oil Serum and Collagen Enhancing Night Cream

Moving into the latter end of the skincare routine and I want to talk about a real standout in the collection, the Miracle Oil Serum. Anything with “miracle” in the name has big shoes to fill and in all honesty, this is not a miracle but it’s pretty darn close if you ask me. I get annoyed sometimes when brands give the name “serum” to something that is clearly a facial oil but this time, I was pleasantly surprised with the texture. It’s the perfect in-between oil & serum texture, light weight and fast absorbing. Looking at the ingredients, it’s really something that could suit all skin types but especially mature skin. There’s a plethora of oils such as squalane, chia seed, seabuckthorn, apricot, jojoba and one of my all time favourites – rosehip oil. The scent is gorgeous and I should mention that none of the products have added fragrance but they do contain essential oils. I am really loving this serum and it makes my skin ridiculously soft.

The Divine Woman products

To complete The Divine Company routine I end with the Collagen Enhancing Night Cream and again, they have really nailed the texture here. It is hydrating but not heavy, so if you have oily or combination skin this will make a good night cream for you. I love layering this with the Miracle Oil Serum at night time and waking up with baby soft skin. It has a lovely plumping effect, thanks to a pairing of oils and cocoa butter. In addition the cream works to slow down the ageing process on a cellular level thanks to a brown seaweed extract called Phycojuvenine G. It stimulates the production of collagen and helps to reduce the signs of wrinkles. My skin absolutely drinks this baby up.

I’ve really enjoyed testing out The Divine Company products, and by the way I did that in isolation to any other skincare for 3 weeks, to give me a good feel for the products. I’ve gradually started introducing other products to my routine but The Divine Company has certainly cemented its place in my daily skincare ritual. I’m surprised that I haven’t seen more coverage of the brand, it’s a bit of a hidden gem and I’m so glad that I had the opportunity to share my thoughts with you. Thank you again to The Divine Company for generously gifting some of the products in this review.

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