On a recent trip to one of my favourite Perth indie beauty retailers, Vim & Co Pharmacy, I was introduced to some new face products from Vita Liberata. The only previous experience I had with this brand was when I went to an awards night last year wearing a dress with a slit and needed something quick to sort out my pale leg. A sample of their Body Blur came to the rescue! Most people may know Vita Liberata for their tanning products but they have so much more to offer, as I found out when Yen from Vim & Co introduced me to the Vita Liberata Beauty Blur and Vita Liberata Illuminaze. I think it was instant love so I politely declined samples and bought the full sizes instead.

Vita Liberata was founded by Alyson Hogg who is an Irish beauty entrepreneur with an amazing story. Emma Guns recorded a great interview with her on her podcast which still sticks in my mind and I highly recommend it if you need some business or life inspiration. Since 2007 the brand has been at the forefront of self tanner innovation which includes their trademark Odour-Remove technology and a self tanner that lasts 2-3 weeks. It’s a favourite with celebrities and tanning industry professionals so all in all, the brand sets a high standard for others to follow.

Vita Liberata Beauty Blur (top) and Illuminaze (bottom) straight out of the tube

Beauty Blur

Much like the Body Blur, the Vita Liberata Beauty Blur is a skin tone optimiser that helps to blur out imperfections and give a nice healthy glow with a touch of colour. It’s not a self tanning product as it does wash off at the end of the day so it’s a perfect last minute glow getter. It contains fine light reflecting particles that catch the light so beautifully and create a skin like finish. It doesn’t look like I’m wearing anything on my skin as it’s completely weightless but I do find it makes my skin look plumper and healthier. Like I’ve had 8 hours sleep and as many glasses of water.

Alongside certified organic ingredients such as Shea Butter and Aloe Vera Juice, it contains Hyaluronic Acid and Panthenol which are a great pairing when it comes to moisture retention and absorption. What I really love about this product is that it is something I can just wear on its own for a quick no make up look, or apply it as a primer under foundation. I usually take a pea sized amount and apply it all over my face and neck and either leave it as is, apply foundation or the Vita Liberata Illuminaze over the top. I wear the shade Latte Light and I find that it lasts on my face all day. That is the idea behind the Body Blur as well, it doesn’t budge until you wash it off.

Vita Liberata Beauty Blur (top) and Illuminaze (bottom), blended in


Vita Liberata Illuminaze is a product that really took me by surprise. It comes out of the tube looking white, but as you blend it into your skin it turns into a semi-matte skin enhancer. As the name would suggest it sits over the skin like a thin veil and provides just enough coverage without making you look like you’re wearing make up. When I have tested it on different parts of my body it has produced a different colour every time which makes me think it has some sort of colour matching technology. I don’t know if that is intentional, but I think it’s pretty cool. I wear the shade Light which makes me look like I have a healthy tan. Similarly to the Beauty Blur it has light reflective pigments and is formulated with some certified organic ingredients including Argan Oil, Macadamia Oil and Rosa Moschata oil. It is long lasting so it stays on my face all day and maintains its glow.

It looks beautiful with the Beauty Blur underneath, and that is certainly my preference when wearing Illuminaze because otherwise I find it is too matte for my liking. I’ve inserted a photo of me wearing both of them below. I love the finish, glow and the fact that it just looks like my skin but better. Both of these products get a huge thumbs up from me. They are completely unique to my collection and as you can see I have already made a significant dent in the Beauty Blur after only 3 weeks of use. It’s definitely a forever kind of love.

Me wearing Vita Liberata Beauty Blur and Illuminaze as a base

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