Anytime that Kosas tease a new release I get very excited because their products have not disappointed me so far and they are my makeup bag staples. When they announced the launch of their capsule collection Kosasport, and had it modelled by Rami Malek at the Golden Globes, I thought “sign me up!”. So that’s exactly what I did. I signed up to their website and as soon as it launched I ordered all three of their Lip Fuel Hyaluronic Lip Balms.

Three are two sheer shades and a clear version that are housed in slimline, white, wind up packaging, a contrast to their usual black. There’s Baseline (clear), Cool Pink (Rush) and Warm Tan (Pulse). Upon trying the colours I immediately drew parallels with their lipstick shades Stardust and Undone which are my favourites from their range. The outer packaging is very cool and casual as well which you rip to open.

The lip balms have a minty scent which is said to invigorate the mind and boost motivation. I can’t say it has done either but it is a very pleasant smell. What sets these apart from other lip balms I own is that they contain hyaluronic acid and as a result I find them unbelievably plumping. I’m talking about an instant plumping effect which, to be perfectly honest, blew me away. Aside from the colour which Kosas have well and truly perfected, the lip balm is not just a fluffy one you keep in your handbag and forget about. It is packed full of botanical ingredients that actually treat your lips at the same time. I find that this lip balm lasts on my lips for hours and I even use the clear one at night as an overnight lip mask.

Kosasport Lip Fuel (L to R): Rush, Baseline, Pulse

I love the shades, they are so flattering and have a perfect balance of sheer pigment. There really isn’t too much more to say. They are perfect in every way. Hopefully they will be available in Australia soon however you can purchase them directly from the Kosas website if you’re willing to pay a hefty shipping fee.

Kosasport Lip Fuel swatches, Rush (top) and Pulse (bottom)

I hope you enjoyed this short but sweet review. Will you be trying the Lip Fuel lip balms?Check out this page to read more of my reviews on Kosas products. Leave a comment below or email me and connect with me on Instagram. To listen to the latest Fluke podcast, please visit iTunes.

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