I’m so excited to be going on an international family holiday soon, the first one in four years! We’re off to Furano in Japan to enjoy some snowboarding, skiing, delicious food and quality time with our kids and their grandparents. As we’ll be going from summer to winter I’m very conscious of how my skin will react and also what a day of travel on planes will do to it. When I travel, I always seem to get one of those big, painful pimples that sits under my skin so I’m going to do everything I can to avoid that.

Ok, a disclaimer. I am a beauty blogger and although this may seem excessive I think I’ve done pretty well in the makeup, body and hair department. Skincare is another matter but we, as a family of 4 have a 128kg baggage allowance so I think an extra serum or two is not a big deal. Let’s start off with skincare.


I’m taking the Skin Juice Smudge Budge cleansing balm because it’s small, great for a first and second cleanse and it washes off with water so I don’t need to use a flannel if I don’t want to. My hubby can use it too. A few times a week I’ll use the Jane Scrivner Skinfoliate* acid exfoliating treatment which will help to keep my skin exfoliated and keep any dry winter skin at bay.

Now onto treatments. There was no way that I was leaving the country without a good Hyaluronic Acid serum, Vitamin C and Retinol. I thought the Jane Scrivner Bioluronic Buzz 2000* would be the perfect Hyaluronic Acid travelling companion because I love how bouncy it makes my skin and the gel consistency is really soothing. Ausceuticals Vitamin C is a recent addition to my routine and it’s pretty dang powerful. I would decant it but it will compromise its efficacy so I will take it as is. My only complaint about this serum is the smell is very pungent and reminds me of a Bosnian pickled cabbage dish called Sarma. Google it, it’s delicious. For its size and practicality I’m taking the Drunk Elephant A-Passioni Retinol Creme which I am still testing out. Hopefully after two weeks of use I’ll have something to report back!

Skin Juice Smudge Budge Cleansing Balm

Another recent addition is the Alpyn Beauty Plantgenius Line Filling Eye Balm which my lovely friend picked up for me at Credo Beauty. I like how thick this is so it will be perfect for the colder, drier climate. It helps to de puff as well so I might pop it into my hand luggage too.

I couldn’t decide between two moisturisers – Drunk Elephant Protini Polypetide Cream and the Josh Rosebrook Vital Balm Cream – so I thought, why not both? I need all the hydration I can get. I like that the Vital Balm Cream has a lot of oils and butters as I’m not taking a facial oil with me. The Protini is a newbie to my routine and I want to keep testing it and using it regularly so that I can report back. To lock everything in I’m taking the travel sized Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator which will go in my hand luggage as well.

Josh Rosebrook Vital Balm Cream

The appropriately named Jet Lag Mask by Summer Fridays is nearing the end of its life, as you can see on the image. There are cracks forming on the tube and the product is squeezing out of the sides so let’s give it a good send off in Japan. I like that this mask is a multi tasker and I can use it as a moisturiser (because I’m clearly lacking in that department), a primer or overnight mask. The Henne Lip Mask will round off the skincare stash to help with any chapped lips situations.

Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask


This line up really shows you what my favourites are and it’s stuff that you’ve seen before so apologies for the repetition.

Madara City CC gives a really decent coverage but feels like a juicy moisturiser. Teamed up with the Glossier Stretch Concealer it looks dewy and healthy so I’m very happy to forgo foundation on this trip. Let’s be honest I’ll be snowboarding most of the time, not fine dining, so why not give my skin a break.

I pretty much don’t leave the house without putting on the Kosas Tropic Equinox Colour & Light Duo so this baby, alongside the Jillian Dempsey Cheek Tint in Poppy, is going to take care of my bronzer, highlight and blush needs.

On the eyes I’m happy to continue using my current favourite cream shadow from The Beauty Archive, in the shade Earthbound*. It also doubles as a heavier bronzer or contour. I love me a multitasker.

Glossier Boy Brow and Le Sourcil Le Crayon Eyebrow Pencil are the usual suspects whilst the Glossier Lash Slick mascara will ensure a smudge free lash experience.

Finally the one and only lipstick I’m taking is Kosas Stardust. I’m onto my second bullet of this shade and I love it so.

Body, Hair Care & Sunscreen

Body products will be shared with the family so I’m taking the full sizes of these. I have been loving Necessaire The Body Lotion and The Body Wash in Sandalwood so I wouldn’t dream of leaving them behind. Both are really hydrating and nourishing and hubby is a big fan of the body wash especially. For any extra dry bits Weleda Skin Food will step in.

Necessaire The Body Lotion and The Body Wash

Another Credo Beauty item is the Type A Visionary Deodorant, conveniently packaged in a tube which I will be taking on board the plane with me. It has a refreshing, citrus scent and it works as well as my all time favourite (and now discontinued) Erica Brooke Double Strength deodorant creme.

Ultra Violette SPF30 Lip Balm in Nude will be my companion on the slopes and UV-iq SPF50+ Anti Pollution Facial Sunscreen Lotion will be applied liberally throughout the day. The reflection of the sun on the snow can increase the reflection of UV rays by 90% and I ain’t messing with that.

Finally, my travel friendly Briogeo Blossom & Bloom Ginseng & Biotin Volumising Shampoo & Conditioner will be enough to sort my hair out. I’ll be going to the onsen (hot spring) regularly so I may end up using the communal shampoos which from memory are Shiseido. I’m not fussed, my hair will be under a beanie most of the time.

Aaaaand, that concludes this novel about my beauty travel bag. I always like to see what people take away with them. While I was typing this I realised that there were a few things I haven’t included and that’s face wipes (for on the plane), a few sheet masks and eye masks, and a normal lip balm which will most likely be one of the Kosasport Lip Fuels. I’ll update you on my Instagram stories if anything changes so make sure you’re following me there. Items marked with * were PR gifts.

I’d love to know what you take with you when you travel. Let me know by leaving a comment below or email me and connect with me on Instagram. To listen to the latest Fluke podcast, please visit iTunes.

Next week: Kosasport Lip Fuel review.

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