What a way to kick off the year on the Fluke Beauty Podcast channel. I am so excited to share this interview with you with the founder of It’s All Fluff, Erika Geraerts. This brand is approaching beauty in a different way, choosing to be socially responsible with the message they are broadcasting to the youth of today and focusing on making girls feel ok to look like themselves. Sounds crazy, but it’s amazing how convinced we are by the beauty industry that we need makeup. Fluff are certainly not saying “don’t wear makeup”, they’re saying it’s fun but not necessary. There should be no pressure on anyone to cover up what they look like or feel embarrassed when they bump into someone on the street while bare faced.

It’s All Fluff Bronzing Powder

I felt really inspired after our chat and it was a true pleasure talking to Erika. With a few businesses under her belt already, including world renowned Frank Body, her work ethic and drive are admirable. To check out the world of Fluff visit their website or Instagram. My review of their beautiful bronzing powder can be found here.

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