In the September edition of the podcast, I interview Yen Tran who is the founder of VIM & CO, a pharmacy with a difference. Yen’s innovation lead her to establish a boutique pharmacy with a focus on retail, in particular inner health and beauty. Everything from the curated skincare brands, to the warm and approachable interior, to the service, has been carefully considered. Yen and I talk about what makes VIM & CO special, and spend a little bit of time discussing the interior design of the space as well. I’m an interior designer so I couldn’t help myself and just had to ask her what it was like going through the design process from the client side.

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Brands mentioned:

Edible Beauty
Shani Darden
The Ordinary
Caim and Able
The Seeke
The Beauty Chef

Creative commons music credits: Blank&Kytt – RSPN.

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