May Lindstrom Skin has always felt like a bit of a mystery to me. The intriguing names and the minimalist packaging really don’t give too much away so it wasn’t until I stumbled across some interviews with May on YouTube that I finally began to understand what this brand is all about. I think May herself, with her passion and creativity IS the brand. As a spokesperson she is very persuasive, poetically describing the philosophy behind each of her creations and how they should make you feel, inside and outside. Alongside creating what she calls “a catalyst for self care”, May’s commitment to efficacy and integrity of ingredients are what I think make the brand truly special.

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The Clean Dirt, with it’s quirky name, caught my eye for two reasons. It promised microdermabrasion and brightening benefits, both of which my early 30s face really needs. My skin often feels rough and it can look lacklustre so I was hoping that this exfoliating treatment would be the answer. Upon lifting the lid from the Miron glass bottle for the first time, I got a whiff of the strong aroma of cinnamon, nutmeg and clove and I wondered if maybe I had ordered some sort of garnish or spice mix by mistake. What I realised after is that the purpose of these spices is to stimulate the skin and increase blood flow, which helps to achieve that radiance that we all crave.  The blend also contains Vitamin C which is activated upon contact with water, as well as purifying clays such as Rhassoul and Halloysite.

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Clean Dirt is designed to be mixed with water but May encourages you to mix and play with her products as you please. I take one teaspoon of the powder and slowly add drops of water until a soft mousse forms. I like to gently massage it into the skin, and if it’s feeling a little dry I add more water to my palms. A little warning though – this stuff is pretty potent. You might look at the ingredients and think it’s just a bit of fluff, but it tingles. You really have to judge how your skin reacts and don’t over do it. For me, once a week is enough.

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The results I’ve had immediately after using Clean Dirt have been impressive. I have noticed that my complexion is brighter, my skin feels ultra smooth and just drinks up any serums or oils that follow. It does leave my skin a little pink but not at all irritated. To save time and spare my basin from mess, I sometimes use it in the shower and I like to think the steam also helps the ingredients to penetrate and get to work. Although mixing up a powder might not be everyone’s cup of tea, there is something really lovely about the tactile and sensory experience. From what I can tell, the whole line is very much aimed at creating a skincare ritual that feels like a warm hug and let’s you immerse your senses.

The May Lindstrom line is definitely on the luxury end of the scale but what you pay for is the freshness and high quality ingredients. The products are hand made in small batches and the brand is really committed to ensuring that their retail partners always have the freshest products on their shelves. If this is something that is important to you then I think you will really enjoy May Lindstrom Skin. I am looking forward to trying some more of her creations soon, such as the Honey Mud or Blue Cocoon. I’d love to know if you’ve tried any May Lindstrom products. Let me know in the comments below or email me and connect with me on Instagram and Facebook. To listen to the latest Fluke podcast, please visit iTunes.

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