Coffee is something I long to drink. How I have made it through two newborn babies without caffeine I will never know but the fact of the matter is it just doesn’t agree with my body. So when I found out about Kin Skin’s coffee based skincare I was overjoyed. Now I could enjoy the benefits of coffee on my skin! Ash, the founder, very kindly sent me a few of her products to try a few months ago so I thought it was time to tell you a little bit about them.

I have been testing the Coffee & Yarrow Serum Cleanser, Coffee & Honey Myrtle Vitamin B3 Hydration Mist and the Green Coffee Seed Oil.

Green Coffee Arabica seed oil is the hero ingredient which features in all of Kin Skin’s products. Kin Skin were originally sourcing this oil from a supplier in the UK, who were sourcing it from South America. Not only was this an expensive process, but it couldn’t guarantee quality. The answer was to find a local grower of coffee and cold-press the oil themselves which ensures that by the time the oil reaches the consumer it is still in great shape and is able to offer all of the benefits it is known for. These include hydrating dry skin, reducing fine lines, helping to improve barrier function, balancing oils and helping to soften the skin. It can be used all over the body, even as a wash-out treatment for hair.

Kin Skin Coffee Arabica Seed Oil Skin & Hair Elixir
Coffee Arabica Seed Oil

The Green Coffee Seed oil that I have been using is a 10ml size which comes in a roller ball. I thought this was great packaging especially for use under the eyes for de-puffing. It’s incredibly light so I didn’t experience any build up of milia under my eyes which sometimes happens with heavy eye creams. It absorbs quickly and noticeably de-puffs my eyes.

Kin Skin Coffee and Yarrow Serum Cleanser
Coffee & Yarrow Serum Cleanser

I really fancy gel-to-oil cleansers so when I tried the Coffee & Yarrow Serum Cleanser for the first time I was over the moon. It’s a beautiful, silky texture that can be applied to dry skin or mixed with water for a more milky consistency, but I prefer to apply it to dry skin as it removes makeup really well. By adding water it emulsifies and can be rinsed off, but I still need to remove it with a flannel otherwise it leaves a little bit of a residue. It leaves my skin feeling clean but nourished. That’s the beauty of oil based cleansers, they never strip your skin and are perfect for all skin types.

Kin Skin Coffee and Yarrow Serum Cleanser swatch
Coffee & Yarrow Serum Cleanser

Lastly, we come to the Coffee & Honey Myrtle Vitamin B3 Hydration Mist which really surprised me. Vitamin B3, also known as Niacinamide, is a bit of a hot ingredient at the moment and it’s known for its ability to improve uneven skin tone, reduce dullness and improve the appearance of large pores. Alongside B3, there is hyaluronic acid, honey myrtle hydrosol, lactic acid and of course green coffee seed extract. It’s hydrating, it feels tightening and I love layering it between steps. All in all I feel like it rounds off a great collection of skincare.

Kin Skin Awakenment Coffee and HOney Myrtle Vitamin B3 Hydration Mist
Coffee & Honey Myrtle Vitamin B3 Hydration Mist

Thank you to Ash for sending me her lovely collection of coffee bean infused skincare. I think it’s wonderful to see a brand doing everything it can to keep production local and conducting their business sustainably.

Let me know if you’ve tried skincare with coffee as the ingredient. As always you can leave a comment below or email me and connect with me on Instagram and Facebook. To access the latest podcast, please visit iTunes.

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