I’m absolutely over the moon to be involved in the launch of One Over One at The Beauty Edit and to bring you this full range overview. One Over One as a brand and aesthetic aligns so much with my makeup ethos and what Fluke is all about so I thought it was a perfect partnership. I’ve always been a fan of minimalist makeup that enhances rather than covers up. For those those of you who also like “no makeup”, glowy and effortless products that embrace your complexion for what it is, then you might be interested to read on and find out what One Over One is all about.


Jennifer White, One Over One’s founder, is quite an inspirational woman. The story behind the brand is one of a personal journey of discovering what beauty really means. The truth is, there is no definition of beauty and without wanting to sound too airy fairy, everyone is individual and beautiful and we do not need to cover up our faces with as much makeup as we are told to. I really love that One Over One believes that there is nothing to correct, conceal or contour. They do not have an anti-ageing agenda and they embrace simplicity and the belief that all skin is beautiful.

I created One Over One as a homage to beauty, ritual, and a celebration of womanhood in our own image. – Jennifer White, founder

With all of that said, it’s a personal choice and makeup to a lot of people is about self expression. Not to mention for those who have problematic skin, there is sometimes no other option but to use high coverage, concealing products. The message here is not about using less make up. It’s about changing the perception around what “good” skin should look like.

THE One Over One RANGE


Let’s get into the nitty gritty of the range. Currently, there are four product types – Lip Oil, Duotone Cream Colour, Base Glow and the Free Foam Micellar Cleansing Water. I have been testing these products for a month, mixing and blending to achieve different looks, concocting my own shades with ease. The combinations are endless and the creamy nature of the products means that you can fuse them together to create your own.

The products are formulated with natural and sometimes organic ingredients, they are light and easy to use with just your fingers. They are pigmented enough to last all day but gentle even for the most sensitive skin. Their packaging is beautiful to look at, to hold, and simplistic just like their products. Each has a lovely, delicate scent and the ingredients are really good for your skin.


The Lip Oil is a beautifully light, non-sticky product that glides onto the lips to provide hydration and a hint of colour. All of the oils are quite liquid and glossy, but not to the point that you’d want to hand them over to your teenager. There is a sophistication to them and the touch of sheen and colour would suit anyone. I really like pairing them with some of the Cream Colour shades to boost the colour and longevity.

One Over One Lip Oil
One Over One Lip Oil (L to R): Naples Nude, Rose Dorée, Crimson Breath, Scarlet Bloom

Naples Nudechampagne nude

Fluke Tip: Add this on top of a Cream Colour highlight for a glossy cheek (think Katie Jane Hughes).

Rose Doréeburnt orange

Crimson Breathberry red

Scarlet Bloomdeep red

Fluke Tip: Scarlet Bloom pairs beautifully with the Duotone Cream Colour in Alizarin Rose.

One Over One Lip Oil Swatches
One Over One Lip Oils

The Cream Colour palettes are so versatile and can be used on cheeks, eyes or lips. There are four palettes, each a little bit different. The formula is so creamy and moisturising, that it not only delivers colour but makes your cheeks look plump! All of the shades work in harmony, within each duo and across all of the palettes. They mimic natural tones found on the skin when we blush, catch some light on our cheeks or a little bit of sun.

One Over One Duotone


The ultimate multi tasking product. Apply the bronzer to where the sun would naturally hit your face and use the highlight on the high points of the face such as the cheekbones, brow bone, cupid’s bow and bridge of the nose.

Fluke Tip: I like to use the bronze shade on my eyelids as well as the highlight in the corner of the eyes to open them up.

One Over One Duotone Chiaroscuro
One Over One Duotone Cream Colour – Chiaroscuro

Live Umber

This peachy blush shade makes my face look alive, even when I’ve had little sleep. The highlight shade is slightly different to the one in Chiaroscuro but can be used in the same way.

Fluke Tip: Use the peachy blush shade on your lips and pair with Rose Dorée lip oil.

One Over One Duotone Live Umber
One Over One Duotone Cream Colour – Live Umber

Alizarin Rose

There is something so sexy about this plum shade, don’t you think? I was a little bit scared to apply it to my cheeks as I’m fair but it totally works, just go easy at first and build up the colour if needed. The bronze shade works well as a contour, and I don’t mean an obvious stripe of it, just blended in under the cheekbone to create subtle shading. This is the darkest of the bronze shades.

Fluke Tip: As mentioned, the blush shade paired with the Scarlet Bloom lip oil is a match made in heaven.

One Over One Duotone Alizarin Rose
One Over One Duotone Cream Colour – Alizarin Rose

Rare Poppy

I have never been one to wear pink blush but this isn’t a bubblegum pink, it’s the colour that your cheeks turn when you’ve worked out.

One Over One Duotone Rare Poppy
One Over One Duotone Cream Colour – Rare Poppy
One Over One Base Glow Sheer Light
One Over One Base Glow – Sheer Light

If I had to pick a favourite from the range it would have to be the Base Glow in Sheer Light, evident by how much I have used up in only a month! This golden champagne, illuminating base looks amazing on its own and gives the skin a dewy glow that in no way makes you look glittery. It imparts a warm radiance from within and layers well under foundation, BB cream or tinted moisturiser thanks to it’s light formula. Packed full of great skincare ingredients like aloe vera, avocado oil, sesame seed oil, jojoba oil, rosemary, sage and thyme extracts this is so much more than makeup. It offers hydration, oil balancing, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits as well. I am obsessed.

Fluke Tip: For extra glow apply a dot to the cheekbones and anywhere else that catches the light. Mix it with body lotion for glowy arms and legs.

One Over One Base Glow Sheer Light Swatch
Swatch of One Over One Base Glow in Sheer Light
One Over One Free Foam Micellar Cleansing Water 1
Free Foam Micellar Cleansing Water

I think it was pretty clever of Jen to create an accompanying cleanser to the range. I must admit, I was a little bit cautious when I saw the name – Free Foam Micellar Cleansing Water. Foams have a reputation for drying the skin but I am happy to report that this one does not. It is designed to be left on and not rinsed off, which very much aligns with One Over One’s no-fuss, minimalist approach. If you only wear very little makeup, for example the Base Glow, Duotone Cream Colour and Lip Oil then this is perfect. If you wear a little more than that, then it makes a great first cleansing step and I’ve found it removes eye makeup particularly well.

One Over One Free Foam Micellar Cleansing Water
One Over One Free Foam Micellar Cleansing Water

Well, that just about wraps up my review of the full range of One Over One products and I really appreciate you for taking the time to read it all. I hope that this serves as a resource for people looking into One Over One or are simply interested in simplifying their makeup routine. I have been so impressed with this brand and all that it represents. If you do try any of their products, please let me know and keep an eye on The Beauty Edit Instagram page for an upcoming giveaway!

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The above mentioned products were gifted.

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