Skin Juice is one of those Australian brands that seem to fly under the radar despite making really awesome products. I hope that through my reviews people will see that this company, that has been around for over 20 years, is actually worth looking into. Not only are the products affordable, but all that I’ve tried (bar the eye cream) have been impressive. After featuring their Bio Juice Hydra Skin Drink in my 2017 Skincare Favourites and very quickly repurchasing it once I ran out, I thought that it was time to write a full review and let you in on some details.

Skin Juice Bio Juice Hydra Skin Drink 4
Skin Juice Bio Juice

One thing that I love about the Skin Juice line is that everything smells absolutely delicious and edible. The scents and innovative formulas appeal to all of the senses. Bio Juice is a toner hybrid and difficult to categorise as it’s very unique to other toners that I have tried. It contains natural and organic ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Pomegranate Fruit Extract, Bergamot Fruit Oil, Cranberry Fruit Extract, Chamomile and Vitamin E. Looking at the ingredients list you could be forgiven for thinking there was nothing really groundbreaking about it but please read on.

Skin Juice Bio Juice Hydra Skin Drink 5

I was recommended Bio Juice by the lovely Franca of The Beauty Edit who’s recommendations are always right on the money. Without hesitation I purchased the bright fuschia bottle of juicy goodness. Unlike traditional watery toners which are packaged in mists this one dispenses via a pump as the product has a higher viscosity. I wish the pump dispensed half of what it does. I usually just do half a pump which is not always the easiest to control. It is a minor inconvenience but one worth mentioning nonetheless.

Skin Juice Bio Juice Hydra Skin Drink 2
Skin Juice Bio Juice

After cleansing, I take half a pump of Bio Juice and distribute it across my face and neck whilst pressing it into the skin. I let it dry a little bit and then follow with my serums and the rest of my skincare routine. This hydrating potion seems to instantly plump my skin and bring it to life. It’s cooling, calming and refreshing which makes it perfect for the AM skincare routine and it sits really well under acids as a bit of a buffer (thanks for this tip Franca!). One way to describe it is that it feels a like you’re applying a potent and hydrating smoothie to your face. I have to stop myself from drinking it!

Overall, the short term and long term results have been worth every drop and I couldn’t recommend it enough for everyone but especially those with dehydrated, dry and sensitive skin. This product rebels against our traditional expectations of a toner in a market that is over-saturated with mists that are not very innovative at all. The 200ml bottle of Bio Juice is available at The Beauty Edit for AUD$47.00. It’s vegan and cruelty free. If you’re interested in my review of the Skin Juice cleansing balm, Smudge Budge, please click here.

Skin Juice Bio Juice Hydra Skin Drink 3

I have my eye on two other Skin Juice products which have been recommended to me and they are the Vanilla & Honey Moisture Massage Mask and the Green Juice Skin Balm. I have also heard that their facials are amazing, so I will be hitting up my local Skin Juice salon, The Little Beauty Room by Bronte, to experience these for myself. I’ll be sure to let you know how they go so keep an eye on my Instagram page.

I hope that you enjoyed reading my review of this truly unique elixir. Do you have dehydrated skin? It might be a good one to try. Let me know in the comments below your favourite way to hydrate your skin or you can email me and connect with me on Instagram and Facebook.

Next week: A travel-friendly body balm from Kora Organics.

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