Ever since I experienced fantastic results with the Plume Science Lash & Brow Enhancing Serum, I have wanted to try their brow pomade. Plume Science are at the forefront of natural eyebrow and lash growth serums and the before and after photos speak for themselves. As an extension of the daily serum treatment, the brow pomade promises to nourish and promote brow growth whilst defining and filling in brows.

Whilst browsing on Revolve I spotted the Nourish & Define Brow Pomade so I decided to finally order it after eyeing it off for the past 6 months.  It arrived in typical speedy-Revolve fashion and I started testing it straight away. In this review I will be focusing on the cosmetic aspects of the pomade. I will certainly be keeping an eye on growth but for me it’s more important that it performs well on a cosmetic level.

Plume Science Nourish and Define Brow Pomade 1

The Nourish & Define Brow Pomade comes in 5 shades:

Golden Silk – for blonde or light brunette hair.

Ashy Daybreak – ashy taupe for light blonde.

Chestnut Decadence – neutral medium brown for all brunettes.

Cinnamon Cashmere – rich chocolate brown best suited to warmer brunette and auburn hair.

Endless Midnight – for those with jet black hair or very dark hair looking for more definition.

Plume Science Nourish and Define Brow Pomade 4
Plume Science Nourish & Define Pomade in Chestnut Decadence

They have certainly covered a good spectrum of colours with their shade offering and my shade is Chestnut Decadence which is a perfect match for my dark hair. The pomade is filled with all sorts of nourishing ingredients that also feature in the serum. Castor Oil is well known for its growth promoting properties so it’s no surprise that it’s the first ingredient on the list. Their products are vegan, cruelty free and natural.

Plume Science Nourish and Define Brow Pomade 3


At the time of placing the order I didn’t notice that a brush was included with the pomade so when I un-boxed it I was pleasantly surprised. What’s great about the brush is that it’s actually really good and one that you want to keep. Sometimes you get brushes with products and they find a home in the bin straight away (I’m looking at you, eyeshadow sponge applicators). In this case, Plume Science have made sure that the quality is high, down to every detail. The tool is double ended with an angled brush on one side and a spooly on the other.

Plume Science Nourish and Define Brow Pomade 2

The feel of the formula is soft, creamy and feather light. At first I thought that it would smear all over the place and wipe off really easily but on the contrary. The softness makes it easy to apply with the angled brush and any mistakes can be quickly rectified. It applies evenly and it looks very natural especially if you brush it through with the spooly. I like to apply it by lightly dipping the brush into the pot, taking a little bit off the back of my hand and then using light strokes to fill in any gaps. You can build up the drama easily so it can suit all brow tastes, from natural to bold. The swatch that I applied to my arm in the photo below was telling of its lasting power. After 5 minutes it had set and I could not rub it off with my fingers at all.

Plume Science Nourish and Define Brow Pomade Swatch
Plume Science Nourish & Define Brow Pomade in Chestnut Decadence

The Nourish & Define Brow Pomade has overtaken my other brow products. I just love the finish, ease of application and the fact that it’s nourishing my brows at the same time as making them look more defined. I purchased it from Revolve for AUD$48.94 which included the double ended brush.

I hope that you enjoyed my review of another Plume Science product. How do you like to do your brows? Leave me a comment below, or you can email me and connect with me on Instagram and Facebook.

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