I wasn’t sure whether to write about Jordan Samuel skincare on Fluke. Despite being an indie beauty brand it is very much in the spotlight and well known to anyone remotely interested in beauty or anyone that follows the many amazing skincare bloggers out there. However, I am not in the business of being elitist and discounting a brand because of its popularity. In my opinion, this man deserves every bit of good press because not only are his products outstanding but he seems like a genuinely nice guy and eager to help his customers.

Jordan Samuel Pacitti was a professional ballet dancer with the Pacific Northwest Ballet in Seattle. He was drawn to the world of beauty through his love of dance and when faced with skin problems due to hours of training and stage make up he was inspired to take his love of beauty further. He gained formal training as an aesthetician, opened a skin clinic and created his cult minimalist skincare collection. All with a nod to his first love, the ballet.

Jordan Samuel After Show Treatment Cleanser Plie 2

I was first drawn to what is possibly his most well known product, the After Show Treatment Cleanser (Plié). I simply couldn’t ignore the amazing reviews so I bit the bullet and ordered it via the Jordan Samuel Skin website. It did not disappoint. I love the gel to oil formula which glides onto the skin and removes makeup swiftly and gently. It smells fresh and delicious thanks to a lovely collection of natural oils and extracts. These include Olive Fruit Oil, Sugarcane Extract, Lemon Fruit Extract, Orange Fruit Extract and Apple Fruit Extract to name a few. It’s even tough enough to remove stage make up and that stuff is industrial strength!


I take a generous amount and rub into the skin and it doesn’t take long for the cleanser to turn from gel to oil. It doesn’t sting the eyes and it just does what it does really well. It can be removed with either a warm flannel or water, which I think makes this great for travelling. You don’t always have a flannel lying around. I took it to Melbourne last year and I used it morning and night. I find it really refreshing, hydrating, softening and it is simply a pleasure to use. I’m all out of it now and I’m desperate to repurchase it.

Jordan Samuel After Show Balm Cleanser 1

On the back of my rave review of the After Show Treatment Cleanser, I just had to try the balm cleanser when it launched last year. The first thing that struck me when I opened  The After Show Balm Cleanser was the scent. Oh my goodness, the scent of Olive Fruit Oil is almost intoxicating not to mention that it’s amazing for the skin. To up the ante, Jordan Samuel also added Squalene which is a wonder-ingredient for all skin types and helps to balance oil, restore moisture and heal chapped and cracked skin. Aside from these two, the ingredients list is quite short which means that you’re getting a high amount of the good stuff.

Jordan Samuel After Show Balm Cleanser 2

As with the After Show Treatment Cleanser (Plié), the balm is very effective in removing make up. The only downside for me is that it is quite soft and I wouldn’t travel with it as it has leaked in my cabinet. This could be due to the fact that I live in quite a warm climate. I really like to combine the two cleansers in the evening and use one for the first and the other for the second cleanse.

If I had to pick just one to use, it would be the original After Show Treatment Cleanser (Plié). I think it’s a really unique formula and it comes in a very travel friendly tube. It’s also a little bit more affordable when comparing cost with quantity (USD$20.00 vs USD$32.00). If you’re based in Australia, shipping is USD$20.00 and the parcel usually arrives between 10 to 14 days. It’s worth buying a few things or combining orders with some friends to ease the shipping cost. Jordan Samuel Skin is cruelty free.

I hope that you enjoyed this review of some of the best cleansers I have tried. Let me know which one you think you would try if you had the choice, the gel or balm? Leave me a comment below, or you can email me and connect with me on Instagram and Facebook.

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  1. Hi!
    Loved your detailed review! 
    Are these products safe for sensitive skin types?
    Could you tell me if there were any custom duties or taxes when shipping to Australia?

    1. Hi there! It is tricky to say but I think they are definitely worth a try. They have no essential oils, which can be quite a big irritant. I wasn’t charged any customs duties or taxes on my parcels. ☺

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