I’m constantly surprised by the amount of natural brands coming out of Australia so I was very excited when the The V-Spot sent me some Gemma Vendetta products to try. The South Australian brand launched in October 2016 and during this short period it has enjoyed a lot of success thanks to its high quality, vegan, cruelty free and natural formulations. The products are made in Australia and whilst the range is small, product launches are pretty regular.

I think part of the brand’s success is due to Gemma being the face of the brand. I’m sure it can be nerve wracking not only launching a brand, but putting yourself out there. Gemma seems to take it all in her stride and as an experienced makeup artist she certainly brings a lot of knowledge to her product line. For the past few months I have been putting her BB/CC Cream and 2:1 Bronzer/Blush to the test.

BB/CC Cream

Gemma Vendetta BB CC Cream.jpg
Gemma Vendetta BB/CC Cream in No. 01 Yellow Base Light

The Gemma Vendetta BB/CC Cream comes in four shades (I’m No. 01 – Yellow Base Light) and can be used on its own or under makeup as a primer. It contains natural and certified organic ingredients including titanium dioxide and iron oxide which can provide some sun protection, although I don’t believe this product has been officially tested for SPF. These ingredients can also help to heal acne and rosacea or soothe skin that has undergone surgery or laser treatments. It comes in a white pump bottle which is best kept upright so that you can get the product out easily.

Gemma Vendetta BB CC Cream swatch.jpg
Swatch of Gemma Vendetta BB/CC Cream in No. 1 Yellow Base Light

Colour No. 1 – Yellow Base Light seems to be more a neutral rather than a true yellow and I can definitely still see hints of pink in the shade. This isn’t a problem as it’s a great match for my skin tone. The product itself has a smooth, creamy and light texture which has been a godsend in the warm weather. I use one pump and add a little bit extra product where needed. It is buildable, up to a point but it’s a light coverage cream so don’t expect it to behave like a foundation. The finish is dewy and skin looks evened out and radiant. Compared to other BB/CC creams I have reviewed it sits somewhere in between the Andalou Naturals BB and CC Creams and the La Mav BB Cream in terms of coverage. It has a very faint scent which I believe comes from the Damask rose water content. It’s certainly not as strong as the scent of the Andalou Naturals CC Cream.

Overall I enjoy using it and it performs really well with some powder on top to amp up the coverage. I can see why it’s one of their best selling products.

2:1 Bronzer/Blush

Gemma Vendetta 2 1 Blush Bronzer 1.jpg
Gemma Vendetta 2:1 Bronzer/Blush

The Gemma Vendetta 2:1 Bronzer/Blush is a pressed mineral product in a “one colour fits all” shade. It comes in a compact with a decent mirror and a compartment below with a round sponge which I don’t use. The ingredients are pretty standard for a mineral powder but what I do like is that the shade is spot on. It’s a lovely bronze-pink, with a slight sheen that brings a really natural glow to your cheeks. Although the name suggests that this might be used in place of a bronzer, it doesn’t work that way for me. I’ve tested a few bronzer and blush hybrids lately and out of all of them I feel that the 2:1 Bronzer/Blush is really more of a blush.

A word of warning: this product is seriously pigmented. The first few times I used it, I straight up looked like a clown. That’s not necessarily the fault of the product, I suppose I just needed to get used to it. Although it’s a pressed powder there is a bit of fallout and it’s quite soft in the pan, making it easy to get too much on your blush brush. The way I like to apply it is tap the brush really gently into the product, tap it against my wrist to get rid of any excess and use a light patting motion to apply it to the apples of my cheeks. This way I can control the spread of colour much easier. I can’t fault the product at all when it comes to blending because it’s very creamy and forgiving. Even if you’ve ended up with too much product on your face you can be sure that it’s fixable and it will blend out easily.

Gemma Vendetta 2 1 Blush Bronzer Swatch.jpg

Swatch of Gemma Vendetta 2:1 Bronzer/Blush

I do really like the colour of this product but I wish it wasn’t so pigmented. I know this sounds crazy, but there are certain products that you want lots of pigment in and others you don’t. I’ve figured it out now but I feel like I’m on tenterhooks when applying it.

All in all, the BB/CC Cream is definitely the stand out for me and I would love to try more from the brand. The concealer wheel looks very interesting as do the lipstick colours and pressed eyeshadow quads. I’m truly amazed with the success of Gemma Vendetta in the past 18 months and I can’t wait to see what she has in store for 2018. Gemma Vendetta products are available at the The V-Spot.

Gemma Vendetta 2 1 Blush Bronzer 2.jpg

Let me know if you’ve tried any Gemma Vendetta products by leaving a comment below, or you can email me and connect with me on Instagram and Facebook.

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