When Concordia Handcrafted Skincare emailed offering to send me a cleanser for combination and oily skin my first thought was that I might not be the best person to test it out. Then I remembered what I learnt at a Sodashi workshop and that was to listen to respond to your skin’s needs. Just because your skin might be dry it doesn’t mean you should just use things from a “dry skin” range. For example, I have normal to dry skin that tends to get temperamental in summer with clogged pores so with that in mind I thought the Purifying Cream Cleanser would be a good candidate to test out during the warmer months.

Concordia Handcrafted Skincare Purifying Cream Cleanser 2.jpg
Concordia Handcrafted Skincare Purifying Cream Cleanser

I love trying new products, especially from Australian indie brands such as Concordia. Its founder, Natasha Bell, is a qualified naturopath from Hobart, Tasmania and used nutrition and herbal medicine to help her skin ailments such as sensitive skin, eczema and acne. She noticed that when on holidays by the sea her skin improved immensely, and that inspired her to create a skincare line with ingredients from the ocean.

The Purifying Cream Cleanser‘s feature ingredient is Bladderwrack Seaweed Extract which is anti-aging and healing with a high carotene, selenium and zinc content. It helps to brighten the skin whilst reducing pigmentation and age spots. The remainder of the formula contains ingredients such as Tamanu oil and Mango butter to nourish and moisturise and Green Clay to extract impurities.

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The clay gives the cleanser a grey colour and it has a texture that reminds me of a clay mask. It’s creamy but keeps its shape when I pump it onto my hand and one and a half pumps from the airless packaging is enough to cover my face and neck. As always, I use an oil cleanser to remove make up so this is one that I would use in the morning or as a second cleanse in the evening. It contains lemon and peppermint oils which are so refreshing especially in the morning but be careful not to get it in your eyes.

I have always been wary of cleansers for combination and oily skin leaving my face too squeaky clean but thankfully hat’s not the case with the Purifying Cream Cleanser. It cleanses really well, removing dirt and excess oil without stripping my skin of its natural oils. For this reason, dry skin types can use it too but it is recommended that you apply the cleanser to moist skin. I apply it to dry skin and if I have a bit of time I leave it on for a couple of minutes before washing off, to allow a deeper cleanse.

Concordia Handcrafted Skincare Purifying Cream Cleanser Swatch.jpg
swatch of Concordia Handcrafted Skincare Purifying Cream Cleanser

Whilst I do still get clogged pores, I have to look really closely in the mirror in the right light to be able to see them. I feel that this cleanser has helped to keep them under control during this warm weather. I have used up the bottle and I have already purchased a new one for myself. Thank you to Concordia Handcrafted Skincare for the opportunity to try this product and review it for Fluke readers. I love its unique texture, ingredients and the packaging is the cutest – the mermaid is hand-drawn by Natasha herself.

Concordia Handcrafted Skincare Purifying Cream Cleanser 3.jpg

This product contains natural and organic ingredients, it’s vegan friendly and cruelty free. It’s AUD$44.95 for 100ml and available from Concordia Handcrafted Skincare. The cleanser also comes in a travel set (AUD$35.95) that includes a moisturiser, body lotion and hand cream as well.

I hope that you enjoyed my review of the Concordia Handcrafted Skincare Purifying Cream Cleanser. Do you have oily/combination skin and which cleanser do you use? Let me know by leaving a comment below, or you can email me and connect with me on Instagram and Facebook.

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