Kosås lipsticks have a permanent home in my handbag. Whenever I’m unsure of which lipstick to wear I will reach for one of their creamy, pigmented formulas and they always manage to pull a makeup look together. So, when they announced the release of cheek duo palettes, I was very excited to see whether they would live up to the quality of the lipsticks. For more background on Kosås and a review of their lipsticks you can read my previous blog post on the topic.

A little over six weeks ago, after much teasing on Instagram, Kosås launched their Colour & Light blush and highlight duo palettes that have since taken the beauty world by storm. There are three pressed palettes and three cream palettes and each appear to be quite different in colour from each other so I do believe that any skin tone will find something that works. For my light skin tone with neutral undertones I chose Papaya 1972 in the pressed formula and Tropic Equinox in the cream formula. I waited patiently for them to arrive via Hop Shop Go and when they did I tried them on straight away. All of them. At once.

Kosas Palettes 2.jpg

Papaya 1972 is described as:

The afterglow. A multidimensional peachy hue to create fresh faced youth and luminous beauty. A duo for all over brightening and instant refreshment any time of day or night.

Kosas Papaya 1972 2.jpg
Colour & Light: Pressed – Papaya 1972

I am not usually one to choose a powder product but for the purposes of this review I wanted to try it in comparison to the cream formula. Papaya 1972 might as well be a cream because it is so incredibly soft and fine. Being very pigmented, it applies to the cheeks effortlessly and more importantly, evenly. I like that it blends out well and doesn’t leave you with a stripe across your face. I use the Charlotte Tilbury Powder & Sculpt Brush to apply it because it’s not too dense, doesn’t pick up too much product and it’s designed for highlight as well, so I don’t need to switch brushes.

Kosas Papaya 1972.jpg
Colour & Light: Pressed – Papaya 1972

The colours are wonderful. The peachy blush colour brings your face to life and the tiniest amount of luminous pigment makes your cheeks look juicy and fresh. The highlight is a true champagne shade and works in unison with the blush for a bright and healthy glow. The blush colour in this duo outlasts the highlight in terms of longevity, it will last around 6 hours before it starts to fade a little.

Tropic Equinox is described as:

The prismatic bronzer duo. A shortcut to a warm and breezy, sun-kissed complexion. The building blocks for luminous, muse-worthy contours. Bask in the glow.

Kosas Tropic Equinox 2.jpg
Colour & Light: Creme – Tropic Equinox

Thinking that Tropic Equinox would be a bronzer (because of the above description) I was a little surprised when I opened the palette. It’s more of a bronze/blush hybrid, which I am really loving at the moment. I have a couple of other products that are somewhere in between and I do reach for them often because it means that I can skip the bronzing and save some time. Much like the powder formula, the cream is also very pigmented and applies evenly. It’s a soft cream so you don’t need to dig your finger in too much to get a decent amount of product. You might be put off initially because it almost seems a little oily in the pan, however it sets quickly to a dry, almost powder-like finish.

Kosas Tropic Equinox.jpg
Colour & Light: Creme – Tropic Equinox

The blush side is a luminous bronze shade and has a hint of peach to it whilst the highlight is a tan, champagne colour. They are complementary to each other but also work really well with Papaya 1972 and I often layer all of the colours together. Because, why not? This duo, alongside the lipsticks, now lives in my handbag. It’s great for touching up because it has a huge mirror and the cream formula means that all you need to apply it are your fingers. In terms of lasting power, I get about 6 hours of wear from the cream formula.

One criticism I have is the packaging. Although it follows the look and feel of the lipstick packaging, it feels somewhat flimsy and cheap. I also have issues opening it and I have to hook my nail underneath the lip of the lid to get it open. I have heard that they have switched to a magnetic closure for the lipsticks so hopefully the palettes will follow suit.

Kosas Colour & Light Packaging.jpg

Packaging aside, I am loving both of these palettes. I like the simplicity and understated hues, the colours are well thought out and mimic those of flushed cheeks. If you are a fan of the natural makeup look, then you might love these too. Most of the ingredients are natural and the brand is cruelty free.

I am happy to report that the palettes are now available through Revolve which makes it easier for us based in Australia to get our hands on these without paying exorbitant postage fees. You can also get 10% off your first order if you have not ordered from Revolve before. If you are based in the USA you can of course order directly from Kosås.

I hope that you enjoyed this review and as always, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Leave a comment below, or you can email me and connect with me on Instagram and Facebook.

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