When I started Fluke, my goal was to try anything and everything in the hope of uncovering some great products and brands to share with you. The little girls and guys so often go unnoticed despite their formulations being just as good, if not better, than the established lines. Today I am happy to bring you my latest discovery from an Australian brand called Vagabond Beauty.

Vagabond Beauty liked one of my very first posts on Instagram which led me to checking out their page. I contacted Jess to find out a bit more about her story and how the brand came to be.

My journey into green beauty began with a love for the environment and creating beautifully effective products that are also cruelty free and sustainable. This coupled with my growing awareness of how the chemicals in conventional beauty products can affect our mental and physical health, led to the creation of Vagabond Beauty. My mission is to highlight the importance of sustainable and compassionate skincare, which is why all my products are vegan and cruelty free. Everything is created in small batches in Melbourne, Australia without the use of preservatives or any toxins. – Jess, Vagabond Beauty

I was intrigued by the Mudita mask as I had never tried a powder mask that you mix yourself and I liked the idea of using a handmade product. I ordered it from the website and patiently waited for my jar of goodness to arrive. I’m happy to say that from the first use, I was blown away by how effective it was.

Vagabond Beauty Mudita Facial Mask 2.jpg
Vagabond Beauty Mudita Facial Mask

As always, I like to talk a little bit about the ingredients and what they can offer to your skin. First on the list is white kaolin clay, which along with french pink clay, helps to draw out dirt and excess oil from the skin. If you have congested, oily or combination skin then clay based masks are great to add to your regime. Sandalwood and hibiscus help to tone and firm the skin and marshmallow root hydrates and calms. This mask also contains rose which is great for sensitive and irritated skin and the powder has a lovely pink hue.

Vagabond Beauty Mudita Facial Mask 3.jpg
Vagabond Beauty Mudita Facial Mask mixed with water

Mudita comes in a Miron violet glass jar which helps to preserve the quality of the ingredients and with it you also receive a reusable, biodegradable bamboo spoon. It has a natural, woody scent and when mixed with water it turns into a beetroot colour so warn your spouses and housemates before you emerge from the bathroom! I use the bamboo spoon to scoop out 1 – 2 spoons of the powder into a little glass bowl. I gradually add filtered water to make a paste and then apply it to my face with my fingers, avoiding the eye area. If you have a facial mask brush or a redundant makeup brush, you could use that instead of fingers. I leave the mask on for about 10 – 15 minutes and then remove it with a warm flannel. It is recommended that you leave it on for a shorter period of time if you have dry skin.

Vagabond Beauty Mudita Facial Mask 1.jpg
Vagabond Beauty Mudita Facial Mask, the raw powder

I thought that I would find mixing the powder time consuming but I do enjoy the ritual of it and I like that I can control the consistency.  When I apply the mask it feels very cooling at first and as it dries it does so gently. If you’ve ever tried a dud clay mask you’ll know what I mean by that. With Mudita, I haven’t experienced a tight, pulling sensation common with clay masks and I can move my face without the dried mask cracking.

When I take it off with a warm flannel I notice that the redness in my cheeks is visibly reduced, my skin tone is even and radiant. I noticed this effect from the first use and it was so obvious that I stared at myself in the mirror in shock and the next day I contacted Vagabond Beauty to ask if it was normal! Clay masks typically leave me with a reddish face afterwards but this one didn’t. I use it once to twice a week and it always delivers the same effect. My skin looks calm, firm and toned and it feels soft and smooth. I really enjoy having Mudita as part of my pore de-clogging team and my skin has never been clearer.

Vagabond Beauty Mudita Facial Mask 4.jpg

The website states that one jar should get you around 6 – 8 facial masks but I’ve used it more than that and my jar is still going strong. You can also activate the powder with floral water, aloe vera juice, even avocado or mix it with only a few drops of water to create an exfoliator.

I hope that you enjoyed my review of the Mudita mask and that it inspired you to give smaller brands a try. What has been your favourite beauty discovery? Leave me a comment below, send me an email or connect with me on Instagram or Facebook.

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