If you are an adult human with a beating heart you have probably had mornings where you’ve woken up, looked in the mirror and thought “I look like s*** today”. It’s usually the eyes that give away what went on the night before.  We all know that sleep is important and we strive to get more of it but sometimes, like the imperfect creatures that we are, we work late, we party, we procreate and make tiny people that wake us up at obscene hours of the night. You catch my drift? Let’s talk about how to deal with puffy eyes and dark circles from a skincare and makeup perspective and how to generally look more awake after a late night.


Cool It

The old cucumber trick really works, but if you’re out of cucumber then you could put a cold flannel over your eyes to help reduce the puffiness. Gel eye masks are also handy to keep in the fridge. I spotted one on ASOS from Anatomicals called Puffy The Eye Bag Slayer and the Body Shop sells one too. I use the Manicare individual eye gels which fit perfectly over the eyes but due to their size they do not retain the cold very well.

Eye Cream

I have come across two eye creams that have helped to reduce puffiness around the eyes. I’m currently using the Sodashi Eye & Lip Smoother which has myrtle as an ingredient to help combat the puff. I also enjoy the 100% Pure Coffee Bean Caffeine Eyecream which almost instantly reduced the appearance of my puffy eyes. I started using the latter in hospital after the birth of my boy so it was tested under some seriously harsh conditions.

Sodashi Eye and Lip Smoother
Sodashi Eye & Lip Smoother


I discovered the Adorn Cosmetics Peachy Sleep Organic Corrective Concealer by chance when I was ordering some samples of their foundation. It has a creamy, light but pigmented formula and the peachy colour cancels out blue and purple undertones of dark circles under the eyes. I use this first and then follow up with a stand alone concealer (depending on how bad the situation is).

This product is best suited to fair-medium skin tones. If you have a deeper skin tone look out for a more orange/reddish corrector.


There are so many concealers on the market that it can be quite overwhelming choosing one. I recommend an under eye specific formula that is not thick and drying but rather creamy and pigmented. My two favourites are rms Beauty “Un” Cover-Up in #22 and tmf Vegan Dream Conceal Full Coverage in shade three (kindly gifted to me by tmf).

I have been using rms beauty “Un” Cover-Up for years and it’s my favourite in the organic beauty category. It melts into the skin and feels hydrating as it contains coconut oil, castor oil, cocoa seed butter and jojoba oil. As a result it can crease a *tiny* bit so I set it with the matching rms beauty Tinted “Un” Powder in #22. It has medium coverage, it’s easy to apply with your fingers and I like the travel friendly pot that it comes in.

Eyes Image 2
tmf Vegan Dream Conceal Full Coverage, rms beauty “Un” Cover-Up (large pot), Adorn Cosmetics Peachy Sleep Corrective Concealer (sample size).

Vegan Dream Conceal from Perth makeup brand tmf steps it up a notch in the coverage category but don’t let that scare you off, I’m never one for full coverage anything but this versatile product can give you light, medium or full coverage depending on your preference. It’s creamy, pigmented and applies easily with fingers. It doesn’t cake or crease on me and I don’t need to use powder to set it. Shade three has a hint of peach so it corrects and conceals at the same time. Win win.

Eyes Swatches.jpg
From top to bottom: Adorn Cosmetics Peachy Sleep Corrective Concealer, rms beauty “Un” Cover-Up #22 and tmf Vegan Dream Conceal Full Coverage in three.


It’s no secret that curled lashes will make your eyes look more awake. Whatever your curler of choice may be, this is a step not to be missed. I use the Surratt Beauty Relevée Lash Curler, hands down the best curler I’ve ever tried. It doesn’t pinch, it’s heavy and sturdy and the curl stays in place.

Surratt Beauty Relevee Lash Curler
Surratt Beauty Relevée Lash Curler


Mascara, without a doubt, can make you look more awake. My current go to for a natural, lengthened look is the Hanami Natural Mascara. It has a heap of great lash nourishing ingredients and it’s 100% vegan and Australian made.

Hanami Natural Mascara
Hanami Natural Mascara

It goes without saying that sleep is only one of the possible reasons for puffy eyes and dark circles. There are a whole load of other factors that should be discussed with your doctor if you feel that it’s becoming somewhat of a constant struggle.

From a skincare and makeup point of view I hope this has given you some ideas on how to treat and conceal. Let me know what your favourite remedies and products are for dealing with issues around the eyes. Leave me a comment below, send me an email or connect with me on Instagram.

Next week: A handmade mask to calm and brighten.



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