How do you get products to Australia from online retailers that only ship to the US? There is a way, but it takes a little more time, effort and additional postage costs.

Shopmate is an Australia Post offshoot and it’s the first forwarding service that I tested out with a Glossier order. Once you sign up to the website, you are given a unique address which you use when placing your order on the retailer’s website. Once the parcel arrives to the warehouse, it is matched up with your Shopmate account and you are notified and asked to pay the shipping invoice. The parcel is then sent to your Australian address via the United States Postal Service (USPS).

My parcel took 16 working days to arrive from the time I placed the order and for a package weighing 0.800kg the cost with Shopmate was AUD$35.35 (not including costs to send from the retailer to the warehouse). You can often find Shopmate discount codes online.

HopShopGo works in a similar way but it does not rely on USPS or Australia Post to deliver the parcel. They use a courier, which means that you can track your package more closely. If possible, they also repackage your items into a smaller box so that you are paying the minimum for postage. For these extras, you do pay more but my Glossier parcel arrived in 8 working days rather than 16.

For a package weighing 1kg the cost was AUD$54.35. As with Shopmate, look out for discount codes.

There is also a fantastic comparison of forwarding services on the Choice website.

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