14e cosmetics hails from sunny San Diego, California and is headed by professional makeup artist Emma Fortini. Their range currently has two products, the Aloe Nourish Sheer Tint and the Aloe Nourish Foundation which are both, as the name would suggest, aloe vera based. Today I will be reviewing the Aloe Nourish Foundation.

Everyone should have an aloe vera plant in their garden because it’s not only easy to look after but also good for addressing a number of skin problems. It is well known for helping to heal sunburn and, as an anti-inflammatory ingredient, it’s also effective at treating acne and other skin irritations like itchiness or blistering. Being full of anti-oxidants and hydrating properties make it a great ingredient to use as the base for a foundation formula.

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Emma works with an Ayurvedic molecular biologist so it’s no surprise that this foundation contains kokum butter and gotu kola, which are native to India. Alongside anti-ageing, hydrating and oil-controlling ingredients, these create a wonderful recipe for all skin types. It has SPF 23 and it’s 100% natural, vegan friendly and some ingredients are certified organic. If you want to know more about what goes into the Aloe Nourish Foundation, they have a whole page dedicated to this on their website.

I was on the email list at I Am Natural Store for about 4 weeks before I got the notification that it was back in stock. I had already picked out my shade (Sand 02) so I ordered it right away and with express postage, it arrived in a couple of days.

When I first opened the box I was a little bit apprehensive as the shade seemed quite dark. I have used foundations like this before, where they appear one colour straight out of the pump and another when you blend them out, but thankfully, the colour turned out to be perfect. Based on this, I would say that the online shade guide is accurate.

14e swatch.jpg
Swatch of 14e cosmetics Aloe Nourish Foundation in Sand 02

Out of the pump the foundation seems quite thick and gel like (that would be the aloe vera) and it has a lavender scent. When I first used it I was pleasantly surprised at how easily it applied, which from my experience is not always the case with natural foundations (refer to My 5 step guide to applying natural liquid foundations). Usually they drag on my skin if I don’t add a drop of oil but in this instance I didn’t even need to do that. I only add a drop of oil if I want a very light coverage or if my skin is feeling particularly parched.

It imparts a natural, satin finish with a subtle glow. I’ve been using it with the Vapour Organic Beauty Stratus Soft Focus Skin Perfecting Primer and they are a great match if you like a dewy look. With this pairing you will get a light coverage, which I prefer, but you can definitely build it to medium without it looking cakey.

14e me wearing it
Wearing a light coverage of the 14e cosmetics Aloe Nourish Foundation with the Vapour Organic Beauty Stratus Soft Focus Skin Perfecting Primer.

What I love about the formula is that it doesn’t sit heavily on top of my skin nor does it look like I’m wearing a layer of foundation. It perfects, enhances and evens out my skin so well, that on some days I don’t even bother with concealer. It doesn’t feel sticky to the touch and it stays put when you apply other makeup on top of it.

In terms of longevity, it hits it out of the park. I can get a full day of wear out of it (10-12 hours) and it still looks good when I go to take it off at the end of the day. If I look really closely I can notice a tiny bit of creasing under my eyes and in my smile lines, but it’s minimal compared to other natural foundations. I powder those areas, using the rms beauty Tinted “Un” Powder #22 and the creasing is virtually undetectable.

I have been reaching for this every day and I haven’t touched my department store foundation since I got it, which is saying a lot. I really enjoy using it and it’s the best foundation that I’ve tried so far in the green beauty spectrum, and I will continue to use it not only for the finish but the skincare benefits that it offers.

As mentioned, I purchased this foundation from I Am Natural Store. It seems to be a really popular product, so best to grab it while it’s in stock. 14e cosmetics recently posted a teaser on their Instagram page for an upcoming product launch. Whatever it is, sign me up!

Next week: My tips on managing dry skin and keratosis pilaris.

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