Hello and welcome to Fluke! My name is Sanida, pleased to meet you.

I have started Fluke with a vision to share with you my discoveries in the exciting world of independent and niche beauty brands.

I want my blog to help you navigate the sometimes overwhelming beauty universe and to introduce you to some products and brands that you may not have heard of. I will be sharing reviews, brand features, interviews and digging into the beauty stashes of everyday people to uncover their secrets and tips.

My approach to makeup is, less is more. I’m a firm believer in nourishing the skin first and using makeup second to enhance, not cover up.

I’m an interior designer by day, so I may also sneak in some visual candy just for good measure.

You can read new blog posts every Wednesday at 9am (AWST) and I post on Instagram daily.

I’m glad you’ve taken the time to join me. Check out my first post on the ANDALOU Naturals Pumpkin and Honey Glycolic Mask.


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